About Floof Con

What is Floof con?

Floof Con Is a virtual furry convention on discord in June. Floofcon was started in 2020 and has grown since then. The con is 100% free and volunteer run and anyone can join if they accept the rules. Things to expect from floofcon are panels, contests, games and hanging out with your friends, and meeting new furry friends. Each year we have a new theme and guest of honor and new things to experience so be sure to join us next year for Floof Con 2022: Back in the Furassic…

The history of floof con

Floof Con was started in June of 2020 and our first convention was in august of 2020. The convention went well and we decided to host an event on Halloween where we had our first guest of honor and the event was very successful and later in November we decided to host another event and that was very successful and through this, we learned skills for the future and in June of 2021 we had our second convention which turned out quite well and was a normal con for us but we feel didn’t push the envelope enough and decided to make some changes and we plan to make next year and our event in Halloween more entertaining than everything before. We hope to grow and build to make Floof Con in the future and make it a unique and fulfilling experience for all who attend.

What to expect at Floof con

The goal of floof con is to provide a fulfilling and entertaining experience to those who attend. Floof con has many panels and events each providing something different and each event has something new. Some examples of the types of panels and events at floof con are educational lectures and activities, gaming panels and contest, fursuiting and hangout events, and performances and concerts. Floof con is run entirely by volunteers and feedback and suggestions from attendees is very important as well, If you are interested in hosting a panel yourself or have an idea for one feel free to contact us!