Floof Con 2022: Back in the Furassic!

From August 5th-7th we will be having our main convention of the year on discord. From August 5th-7th we will be having our main convention of the year on discord. For our theme, we are going Back in the Furassic! featuring a variety of dinosaur-themed events and activities.

The convention will start at 6:00 PM EST on August 5th with a few events and opening ceremonies and the main events of the con will start at 9:00 AM EST on the 6th and closing ceremonies will close out the con at 11:00 PM EST.

The schedule has yet to be filled so there is plenty of room for panels and events anybody can submit and host if they are interested. The guests of honor for this event will soon be announced so stay tuned for that and other news! and if you are interested in this event feel free to click the link below to join!


About the website

Floof Con has had a website since June of this year. The website has taken a lot of work but we do not have anybody qualified enough to help make the site the be more than just functional. That is why the site may look pretty jank and simple but at least it doesn’t burn your eyes out with a light theme. This will not work out well in the future if we continue to grow like have recently. So we are currently looking for somebody with spare time that knows about making sites on WordPress that could maybe help us to get this thing going. If you think you can help and wouldn’t mind please feel free to contact us!

Floof Con 2022:Back in the Furassic…

We are happy to announce that from June 24th to 27th 2022 is our third annual convention, Floof Con 2022: Back in the Furassic...  The con will be on discord as usual with more fun events, panels, and activities than previous years. The convention will hopefully be our best and biggest yet rather fitting with our dinosaur theme! To attend you will need to fill out our form to get the link to our server plus you will get a badge as a little souvenir. We have yet to announce all the details but we hope you decide to attend this year!